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December 16, 2011: Please take a few minutes and check out our BRAND NEW Video!

The Top 5 Reasons to Work with Cross Financial Strategies. Click here to view video.

This short and creative video was created and produced by Anthony Schumaker, a student at The Art Institute of Dallas. Thanks to Anthony for creating something unique and different! And please tell us what you think of the video and our message. Happy Holidays!


August 12, 2011: I recently earned the Accredited Investment Fiduciary� (AIF�) designation from Fiduciary360 (fi360). Please click below to learn more about the AIF� designation and the benefits of working with one.

AIF Designation


June 22, 2011: Things have been quite busy lately due to Alison and I welcoming a new addition to our family, Claire Elaine Cross. She was born on June 8th at 8:19 pm here in Dallas, TX. Mother and daughter are doing great and we couldn't be happier!

                                            Claire Elaine Cross

Because of this big event along with the normal everyday business issues, this "Website Refresh" is taking a bit longer than anticipated to complete. Also, I'm in the process of introducing a few new services and want to effectively communicate the unique features and benefits of these services. This also is taking a little more time and effort to integrate into the website.

But I wanted to get part of the NEW website up and running and encourage you to check back often because the various "Coming Soon" links and pages will be updated shortly.

Lastly, these changes are simply enhancements to Cross Financial Strategies, LLC. So, in the meantime, our current clients should not worry about any change to their current products and services agreements.

Thanks for your continued support!

Stephen Cross